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Thanks for visiting. My name is Lauren Dewey Tarr and I am a freelance writer, editor, and blogger. I'm what you'd call, "seasoned" -- both in experience and age -- so I have a lot to offer. Please scroll down to learn a bit more about me, my services, and my blog. Follow me on social media, subscribe to the blog, and if I can be of service, drop me a line.


About Me

In a word, I am a verbivore; I love words and word selection. I am the daughter of an English teacher, owner of a Communication degree, lover of puns, and holder of an invisible red pen. I'm also a mother, wife, sister, friend, trauma survivor, autoimmune fighter, and wellness warrior. Basically, I'm a strong, emboldened, middle-aged woman with a lot to say. 


Work with Me

Looking for a flexible writer with an adaptable voice, or a skilled editor with an eye for detail? Need a guest writer, ghostwriter, copy editor, or proofreader? If it involves words, I'm your girl! Bonus points if puns are included.

Are you in the weeds of midlife, too? It's challenging, but also empowering ... and even comical.

Laugh and Learn with Me

Are you wading through the weeds of midlife like me? Simultaneously managing teenage hormones and menopausal hot flashes? Only the strong will survive! Check out my newest blog for tips, tricks, and unsolicited advice on everything from family and relationships to health and wellness. It's real, raw, witty, and wry ... and hopefully helpful.

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